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"Fort Wayne Tree Trimming & Removal did a wonderful job removing a large tree close to our home. They looked very experienced, cutting each segment at a time carefully preventing the chance of it falling on the house. Thankful for an excellent tree service company in the Fort Wayne area!"
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Our tree service company has served Fort Wayne and the surrounding communities for two decades. Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Services provide tree care, removal services, land clearing, and emergency tree removal for residential and commercial properties. Our services include tree trimming, pruning, shaping, planting new trees and shrubs, limb, stump, and branch removal, shrub trimming, and more.

Do you need tree services in the greater Fort Wayne area? Call now to speak with one of our well trained arborists about your needs. We will provide you with a free inspection. Relax knowing we're fully insured and licensed, locally owned, and ready to serve all of our client's needs.

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Beautify Your Property & Add Value

Regular tree care can improve the curb appeal of your home or business.  Improved curb appeal can also drive the value of your property up. That's why, our Fort Wayne tree services are always worth it!

Tree Removal

Our professional arborists come out to observe the health of the trees on your property.  If there are trees that are diseased or the limbs are overgrown, we suggest tree removal to avoid damage to your property. 

Tree Care

Not all trees need to be removed from your property. Pruning trees is an option for tree care that can improve your yard's aesthetic beauty and keep trees from growing wildly around your property.

Land Clearing

Land clearing involves removing trees, stumps, and other plants to make the land useful for residential or business use. When you require land clearing services, our team will have the job done in no time at all!
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How Our Tree Service in Fort Wayne IN Process Works 

Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service have been serving Fort Wayne and the surrounding cities for 20 years. We use professional processes to ensure the quality of services for each project. The following is what our customers can expect and the steps we take to ensure the highest quality service!

Step 1


First, we start with scheduling customers for an appointment. Our expert arborists come out to the client’s property to assess the problem tree and all the trees on the property. We will make recommendations based on all the necessary work and alert you to hazards that could potentially cause financial problems in the long run. All project start with FREE estimates.
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Step 2


Health is a determining factor in whether we remove a tree. We check to see if there is an excessive amount of rot or disease. We also observe the leaves on the tree, check the tree trunk's health, and look to see if patches are present. If we find the tree is unhealthy, we recommend removing it so it won’t cause damages, particularly during a storm.
Step 3


The cost of removing a tree may vary by the size. If the tree is very labor-intensive to remove, this may add to the price. We also include the cost of removing the debris and the cost for getting the stump out. The cost to remove a tree from your yard may be vastly different than the price to remove a neighbor’s tree. Therefore, you should contact one of our experts to get a precise quote for your job.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fort Wayne Tree Services

Do you know when you have questions about what an arbor can do for you? Here are some of the questions that our customers frequently ask about tree services. Still have more questions, visit our tree care blog to learn more.

Should I only call a tree service if there is an emergency?

Most homeowners call a tree service only when they have an emergency involving a tree at their home. This could be a limb falling on their home or property. Or it could be because overhanging trees are blocking the view and creating a hazard. We recommend developing a relationship with a professional arborist to check your trees' health to ensure that you are not at risk for dead trees falling on your house and damaging it. General trimming and quality tree pruning should be done at least every 3-5 years.

How will I know if the tree in my yard needs to be removed?

The best way to know is to call in an expert. A tree may look diseased or damaged to an untrained eye. However, our experts know what to look for and will determine if your tree needs to be removed or simply trimmed and pruned.

I have a stump in my yard. Should I remove it?

Some homeowners who have stumps in their yard believe that it is harmless. However, stumps can present several problems. It could be a trip hazard for guests. It could also be a source of dangerous plant life, like poisonous mushrooms or fungi. Stumps can also be a place where critters like mice, snakes, and termites hide. You may want to consider removing stumps from your yard.

More About Our Tree Service Fort Wayne IN

Although we provide many tree services such as tree care, land clearing, and fallen tree removal, our most common services are Fort Wayne tree removal services. Our expert arborists are ready to haul away your tree causing problems. Customer satisfaction is number one!

Why Tree Cutting is Necessary in Fort Wayne?

The weather in Fort Wayne is beautiful most of the year. However, the snow, ice, and rainstorms can take a toll on trees in the area. Heavy ice or snow and strong winds can cause dead or diseased trees to fall on your home or car. One of your loved ones can be severely injured by falling tree branches or limbs. At Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service, we love trees and believe they are essential for human life. This is why we try to preserve trees at all costs. 

However, there comes a time when a tree can become dangerous and costly for our customers and their property. In those cases, tree cutting in Fort Wayne is critical.  Are you worried about an old tree causing harm to your property or you? Contact one of our arborists today to get a free estimate on our tree cutting services in Fort Wayne.
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A team of arborists performing tree serivce in Fort Wayne, IN
Tree root removal during tree service in Fort Wayne, IN

Tree Root Removal - Stop Letting Your Trees Call the Shots!

Tree roots tend to grow downward into the ground. However, there are times when tree roots become exposed and rise above the ground. Exposed roots can make trees more vulnerable to disease and can be damaged by lawnmowers. They can also be a trip hazard. Sometimes you can cover up the tree roots with mulch, but the wind and rain can eventually lead to exposing the roots again. The best option may be to remove the exposed roots with tree root removal in Fort Wayne. Our tree professionals know how to safely remove exposed roots without damaging the health of the tree.

Do you have exposed roots causing trouble in your yard? Call one of our plant care specialists for a free quote on tree root removal services.
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Get Fort Wayne Limb & Branch Removal to Protect Your Home

One of the most significant risks of overgrown tree limbs and branches is that they become heavy and fall onto your property. Another dire risk is that the branches and limbs start to cause damage to your roof as they grow. Overgrown branches and limbs can cause your gutters to loosen or even knock off shingles on your roof. Cutting the branches of your tree yourself or having an amateur do it can harm your tree. Don’t let amateurs handle your tree services! 

Call the experts at Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service who have 20 years of experience in tree services in Fort Wayne. Our trained experts will provide you with a free estimate on your limb and branch removal.
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An arborist removing branches and limbs while performing tree service in Fort Wayne, IN
Stump removal in Fort Wayne, IN

Stump Removal is More Critical Than You Think

A tree stump may seem like a harmless piece of a tree in your yard. However, it can cause more problems than you think. For one, it can be a trip hazard. If you are entertaining guests and have a get-together outside, someone could fall on the exposed tree stump. Even children playing in the yard can trip and be injured by the seemingly harmless tree stump. Since tree stumps are a dead and decaying part of a tree, it invites pests such as mice and harmful plant growth such as fungi. Aside from these hazards, a stump can be an eyesore.

Would you like to receive tree stump removal in Fort Wayne for your yard? Contact one of our tree professionals for a free quote.


Exceptional Shrub Removal in Fort Wayne

Shrubs can help or hinder your home’s curb appeal. If your shrubs are dead or diseased, then there is a good chance that it's creating an eyesore in your front yard  Shrubs can also block your view in a way that can cause a hazard, mainly when you leave your driveway. Another problem with shrubs that aren’t healthy is that they can be a breeding ground for pests. So, trust us when we say, it could be time for you to receive Fort Wayne shrub removal services.

With so many issues that may arise with shrubs, it may be time to consider removing them. Call one of our arborists to get your free quote on shrub removal in Fort Wayne.
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Shrub removal in Fort Wayne, IN
Arborists clearing land for commercial customer in Fort Wayne, IN

Commercial Tree Services - Make Your Business Thrive!

There are a variety of reasons that your business may need our commercial tree services in Fort Wayne. We provide land clearing services for companies that need to build residential and commercial buildings. If your commercial landscaping is bland and devoid of greenery, we add life back to it by planting trees. Suppose you have old trees on your commercial property creating an eyesore or a possible liability from falling on a client on their property. In that case, we can remove the tree from your property.

Contact Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Services for your free estimate on commercial tree services in Fort Wayne today.


About Our Indiana Service Areas

There are a lot of fun, family-oriented things to do in Fort Wayne and the surrounding community. Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service takes pride in keeping the local community beautiful, one tree at a time.

If you need tree services, we serve the Fort Wayne areas listed below.

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Fort Wayne Residents: Don’t Allow Your Trees to Take Over Your Yard!

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