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Have you ever looked at family photos from many decades ago, and you see the same tree in the picture that is in your yard now?  There is something extraordinary about a great oak tree being part of your fond memories. Trees are just as much a part of the family history as other heirlooms and artifacts.  However, when trees age, they can cause headaches for a homeowner instead of creating these great family memories.  A storm can knock a tree branch or the entire tree over on your roof, overgrowth of roots can be a nightmare for your sidewalk or driveway.  Still, the overhanging of tree limbs can create a blind spot as you exit the driveway that can be hazardous as you exit.  As much as Fort Wayne Tree Trimming & Removal Services loves our old oak just like family, there comes a time when parts of it or the entire thing must be removed. 

Do you need to have your tree removed?  Call one of our experts today for a free estimate on our tree trimming and tree removal services in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. 

An professional removing tree branches in Fort Wayne, IN

Our Tree Removal Company's Mission in Fort Wayne

Our tree removal company loves trees, but we know that sometimes they can be an eyesore or damage your property.  At Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service, we want you to be able to coexist with your trees in a way that makes your property and the environment a satisfying experience.  Our expert arborists trim and remove trees and branches from your property so that you have a better view or live without the threat of a tree falling on your home, car, or other personal effects so that your home and trees in your yard can last for generations.

our tree company planting new trees in Fort Wayne, IN

Our Tree Care Company Only Hires Certified Fort Wayne Arborists

Proving tree trimming services with a smile.

Our certified arborists have many years of experience in the field.  We get the job done safely and securely remove your trees without damaging your property or leaving a mess.  Not only do we have the skill to get the job done, but we also guarantee your satisfaction.  

When you're in need of tree care or tree removal services in Fort Wayne, we're the local arborists for the job. Every member of our team is carefully selected to work for our tree removal company because of their passion, efficiency, eagerness to learn, and reliability. It's no wonder we've been the trusted name in the Fort Wayne community for tree services for over 20 years now. Give our tree care team a call today to get started with a FREE quote! Our friendly arborists are ready to schedule your free tree inspection today. 

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Our Tree Trimming & Removal Services in Fort Wayne Are a Cut Above the Rest

A Friendly Local Tree Removal Company You Can Depend On

Tree trimming and tree removal are not as easy as they look. It requires a significant skill and safety level to remove tree branches, entire trees, and stumps without damaging a customer's property or without getting injured. This is why you should never trust an amateur to provide tree removal services. Careless mistakes made by amateurs can lead to injury or major damage to your home or property. Instead, rely on a tree removal company that has had 20 years of experience in Fort Wayne. We provide the following tree repair services in Fort Wayne

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Cutting
  • Root Removal
  • Limb & Branch Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Shrub Removal
  • Commercial Services

Do you need a tree removed because it is causing problems in your yard? Or do you just need general pruning done to allow you to have a better view? Contact the experts at Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Services today for a free estimate on our tree services. 

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An arborist turning a tree branch into wood chips in Fort Wayne, IN

Trust the Fort Wayne Tree Service Company Who's A Cut Above the Rest!

Whether you require tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding, your local Fort Wayne arborists have you covered. Get started with your FREE quote today or Call us at (260) 254-2288
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