When Tree Removal in Fort Wayne is Necessary

November 1, 2021

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Fort Wayne is full of trees. That may explain why there are so many parks in our town. And for those who are nature lovers, there is so much to do outdoors. The arborists at Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service love trees, and we do all that we can to preserve them. We strive to keep the beauty and splendor of greenery alive in our city. However, there comes a time when trees can be dangerous, and we must remove them. So when is tree removal in Fort Wayne necessary? Here are a few reasons why you may have to get rid of trees on your residential or commercial property. 

After A Storm 

One of the most obvious reasons that we will remove trees is after a storm. Whether a fierce rainstorm has blown through or ice has accumulated overnight, these conditions can cause branches to fall. It may even cause entire trees to topple. Falling trees or limbs can damage property or even cause injury. When trees fall due to a storm, our arborists get quite busy removing trees from the property. We provide 24/7 emergency services, which tend to rev up after a major storm has blown through the area. 

removing trees in Fort Wayne

Once a storm is over, we dispatch our arborists to homes or businesses that need our tree removal services. We assess the tree and work quickly to try to remove it safely from the property. If there was damage to your home, we work with customers to remove the tree. Likewise, if a tree falls on your car and damages it, we work to remove it. In both instances, your home or comprehensive car insurance should cover the damages. However, remember that insurance may not cover a tree that falls in your yard and doesn’t cause damages. Homeowners and car insurance protect the property. Therefore, you may be responsible for removing the tree from your yard.

Pests and Fungus Have Compromised the Structure 

As arborists, we love trees. Unfortunately, pests and certain types of fungus love them, too. As a result, their love of trees can lead to an infestation. Wood borers, mites, beetles, caterpillars, and moths may be attacking your trees, especially if your tree has some decay present. Unfortunately, pests aren’t the only things that love tasty trees. Mildew, apple scab, blight, and other types of fungus may grow on and destroy your tree. Common signs that your tree is under attack are discoloration, wilting, scabs, and the presence of many insects and their larvae. In some cases, we may use tree injections to get rid of insects and fungus. However, if the infestation has destroyed most of the tree's structural integrity, we will have to remove it.

Tree Care Options Have Failed 

We do everything we can do to preserve trees because they are essential to the environment and life in general. They are a great source of shade, help regulate the temperature, and provide a great source of oxygen. So, as arborists, our first line of defense is to protect trees as best as we can. We do this by providing tree care services such as trimming, pruning, shaping, and tree injections. However, if these methods to preserve a tree don't fix the structural integrity of the tree, we will have to remove the tree to prevent damage or injury.

The Tree Is Dead 

dead tree in Fort Wayne before removal

Ultimately, if a tree is dead, we will have to remove it from the property. Removal can be tricky because so many things can give the impression that a tree is dead. For example, falling limbs, insect infestations, and branches that are leaning may not mean that the tree is dead. However, it does indicate that there is a problem that tree care may be able to fix. One way to know if your tree is dead is to scrape the cambium layer of bark with your fingernail or a pocket knife. If the tree is dead, this layer will be brown and dry. However, if it is alive, it will be green. To be sure that the tree is dead, our skilled arborists will perform more tests. If we confirm that the tree is still alive, we will encourage you to seek treatments instead of removal. However, if we conclude that the tree is dead, we will remove it.

Commercial Builders Need The Space 

In most instances, we remove trees because they threaten personal property or could cause injury. However, there are times where we must remove trees to make way for building projects. For example, both commercial and residential builders may need space to build new homes or retail buildings. While we may salvage some of the trees to make up part of the landscaping after finishing the project, we must clear most of the trees from the property. 

clearing trees for Fort Wayne customers

Do you need emergency tree removal in Fort Wayne? Our arborists at Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal can assess your tree and determine if it needs removal. Contact the friendly, dependable tree experts today for a FREE estimate on tree removal.

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