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There are a variety of reasons for tree removal services in Fort Wayne, IN. The first and most critical reason to remove a tree is that it falls on your property or your neighbor’s property, usually after a storm. A tree may need to be removed because it is growing out of control and causing structural damage to your walkway, driveway, or sidewalk. Still, another reason to remove a tree is that it is diseased or decaying, which could cause it to collapse and cause injury to you or damage your property soon.

Do you have an emergency in which you need a tree removed? Or are you afraid that an old tree may topple over onto your roof? Give us a call, and one of our trained arborists will come out, assess the trees on your property, and provide you with an estimate. Trust the tree service in Fort Wayne that's been in the community for over 20 years.

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Our Cutting-Edge Tree Removal Services in Fort Wayne

Our Tree Removal in Fort Wayne is a Cut Above the Rest

It may be tempting to get a chain saw and spend the weekend working on a DIY tree removal project. You may even want to pay a local untrained, unprofessional person to remove some of the branches from your tree. Don’t trust your Fort Wayne tree removal to amateurs!  It may seem easy to climb a tree and hack away at a tree, but tree removal is not as easy as it looks.  Not only could falling limbs ruin your valuables, but you could also be injured in the process. Leave tree removal to the experts. 

Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service has been providing tree services in the greater Fort Wayne area for 20 years.  Our expert arborists know how to remove a tree from your property properly. Call one of our experts today to get your free quote on tree removal services. 

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The Best Tree Cutting Service in Fort Wayne

Sometimes a tree may fall, and it may not damage the property or injure anyone.  However, it still needs to be removed because it is not aesthetically pleasing or safe to have a tree lying around the yard.  The tree may be too big to haul away; besides, this is not a DIY project.  Leave tree cutting service in Fort Wayne to the experts!  We have been performing tree cutting services for 20 years, and we know the best method to cut and remove the tree from your property.

Call one of our trained arborists today for your free estimate on tree cutting in or near Fort Wayne. 

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Why Tree Root Removal Is So Important

Tree roots are usually not a problem because they typically grow and extend downward underground. However, if tree roots are visible, then they are likely to be a problem. Not only are they an eyesore, but they can also be a trip hazard in the yard. They can also lead to issues with your home's foundation if the tree is close to your house. Roots can even damage your sidewalk or driveways, making them unleveled or even cracking them. How can you tell when root removal is necessary? Let the experts at Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal help you with this decision. Our experts know if tree roots are problematic and when it's time to remove them.

Contact one of our friendly staff members for a free quote on your tree root removal in Fort Wayne.

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Exceptional Limb & Branch Removal in Fort Wayne

Tree removal is not always the best option.  Trees add to the curb appeal of a home and sometimes may even increase the property value.  You shouldn’t have a tree removed just because you are worried that limbs and branches may fall on your home or a family member.  Have the troublesome limbs and branches removed from the tree safely so that you can enjoy family get-togethers without fear of someone getting hurt. Our state-of-the-art, FAST limb & branch removal service in your Fort Wayne, IN area makes it easy.

Do you have limbs and branches that are blocking your beautiful view or are a threat to your personal property or you?  Call one of our friendly arborists right away to inspect your tree for limb and tree branch removal in Fort Wayne and we'll give you a free estimate. 

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Should You Consider Stump Removal?

A stump could be an adorable seating arrangement in your yard whenever you have a family barbecue, but sometimes it’s best to have stump removal services it rather than keeping it. A stump is a dead tree, so all types of fungi, poisonous mushrooms, and other unfavorable plants may start to grow, which could be dangerous for young children and pets. Also, stumps could invite pests and rodents such as termites, ants, mice, and even snakes into your yard. Even though you may use it as a unique seat for visitors, the drawback is that a stump could be a trip hazard for visitors too. This is why it’s best just to remove it.

Contact our experts now to provide you with a free estimate on stump removal in or near Fort Wayne.

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Tree stump removal in Fort Wayne, IN
An arborist removing shrubs in Fort Wayne, IN

When Fort Wayne Shrub Removal is Your Best Option

Shrubs can make your landscape quite beautiful. However, there are times when shrubs should be removed because they are no longer add aesthetic value to your home. One reason to remove your shrub is that they are dead and are an eyesore in your yard. Another reason is that the roots' overgrowth is causing problems with the foundation or damaging your lawn. Maybe your shrub is blocking your view in a way that could create a hazard when backing out of your driveway.

Whatever reason you need your shrub removed, talk to the experts at Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service, and we will provide you with the best course of action and a free estimate for your shrub removal service in Fort Wayne.

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We Provide Commercial Tree Removal Services, Too

Trees add a beautiful touch of nature to an otherwise very plain looking commercial area.  Properly trimmed and pruned trees can be a great first impression for your customers.  However, if they are unkempt or in an awkward place on the commercial property, they can be an eyesore.  Like a residential property, an old, diseased tree can pose a liability on the commercial property if a tree falls on a customer’s property. That's why, we recommend consistent commercial tree services in Fort Wayne.

Do you want to provide a better view of your commercial property, or do you have an old tree on your commercial property that needs to be removed? Call one of our tree service professionals today for a free quote. 

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Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service has been proudly serving the service areas of Fort Wayne, New Haven, Zanesville, Huntington, Auburn, and Decatur Indiana areas for two decades. We specialize in a variety of tree care services and removal for both residential and commercial customers.

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