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About Our Top-Rated Tree Cutting in Fort Wayne

Just about everyone can appreciate the beauty and protection that trees provide. They are a perfect addition to any landscape and help regulate the temperature, preventing the effects of heat islands. Trees are a critical part of our environment. Therefore, the Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service experts do their best to preserve trees with our top-rated tree care services. However, there comes a time when trees could be hazardous to the environment, your property, or even your safety. At these times you will need tree cutting in Fort Wayne to eliminate the threat from harmful trees.

We are a full-service tree company that provides tree planting, transplanting, shaping, trimming, pruning, and shrub care. We also offer removal services such as tree and shrub removal and stump removal. In addition to regular tree removal, we also provide 24/7 emergency tree removal.

Call us to learn more about whether you need our tree care services or tree cutting in Fort Wayne, IN. One of our remarkable representatives will schedule an inspection. You can also count on us to provide a FREE, no-obligation quote.

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The Benefit of Tree Cutting in Fort Wayne

You may often hear the words tree cutting or tree felling. Both typically refer to a professional tree company cutting down trees from your residential or commercial property. Although tree cutting is our last resort, it is often necessary. Here are some reasons you may need tree cutting in Fort Wayne.

  • Prevents injury or damage from falling trees
  • Minimizes the spread of pests and disease
  • Keeps greenery in your yard healthy
  • It helps make your lawn more aesthetically pleasing

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Why You Need Tree Cutting in Fort Wayne Right Away

Our arborists love trees. We ensure their safety by offering many tree care services. Unfortunately, there are times when trees could become hazardous, and we must remove them. For instance, the trees on your property could be suffering from a disease caused by fungus. Or your trees could be infested by pests that are attacking the root, leaves, or trunks of your trees.

In some cases, we can apply tree treatments to reverse the damages caused by fungus and pests. However, if the damage they have caused ruins the tree's structure, we will recommend chopping down trees.

Failing to remove structurally damaged trees from your property can result in financial setbacks from damages to your home or car. It could even prove to be fatal. What's worse, these damages may not be covered by home or car insurance companies if they discover that structural damage from disease or pest infestations is what caused the tree fall.

Our experts encourage you to inspect your trees regularly every three years or when you notice that there is something unusual about their growth pattern. For instance, if your deciduous tree hasn't grown leaves or shed leaves in quite a few seasons, it could be dying. We can attempt to revive your tree or remove it to prevent collapse and unnecessary financial problems resulting from tree fall. Call us to learn more about our process for cutting down trees!

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Does Your Business Need Tree Cutting Service?

Fort Wayne is growing. As a result, there is a need for more homes, recreation areas, buildings for jobs, and more to accommodate this growth. However, before any business can start building homes or office spaces, they may need us to clear the land.

Land clearing is a form of Fort Wayne tree cutting in which we remove numerous trees, stumps, and other vegetation from a plot of land. We may also provide additional services such as excavation and may even break up the soil, preparing it for building projects.

Upon getting the proper permits, we can work with land developers, builders, and more to get land clearing completed quickly and at an affordable rate.

Are you a local business looking to expand in Fort Wayne or surrounding areas and need assistance cutting down large trees? Contact us today to schedule a land inspection and get a FREE quote on our tree cutting service for commercial purposes.



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"Fort Wayne Tree Trimming & Removal did a wonderful job removing a large tree close to our home. They looked very experienced, cutting each segment at a time carefully preventing the chance of it falling on the house. Thankful for an excellent tree service company in the Fort Wayne area!"
- Billy J.

Other Services Available From Our 5-Star Tree Company

The tree experts at Fort Wayne Tree Trimming & Removal Service can help you with our 5-star tree cutting services to remove old or structurally unsound trees from your property. Besides our tree removal services, we also provide tree care services such as disease trimming, pruning, tree planting, and tree shaping services. We offer these services for both residential and commercial customers throughout Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. Call to learn more about how we can help you with tree services!

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