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Professional Tree Root Removal in Fort Wayne

The experts at Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service are adamant about helping you keep a healthy, good-looking lawn. One way we do this is by helping you get rid of those pesky tree roots that can cause injury or create problems in your yard. We also recommend tree root removal in Fort Wayne to prevent unforeseeable problems on your neighbors' property which could lead to conflicts and costly repairs.

For over 20 years, our arborists have worked hard to keep trees healthy in and around Fort Wayne. When they pose a threat, we work diligently to remove them with our tree removal services. Additionally, we provide tree root removal to keep pests and diseases at bay. Our arborists take tree care services seriously and work to guarantee your satisfaction.

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Benefits of Tree Root Removal in Fort Wayne

You may be wondering why tree root removal in Fort Wayne is necessary. After all, isn't the tree dead if it's been cut down? Unfortunately, some trees may not be dead once they are cut down. If the tree stump remains, there is a possibility that the tree could grow back. Although you may yearn to have a new tree to replace the old one that has been removed, allowing your old tree stump to grow wildly on your property isn't the best option. Here are some reasons you should consider getting tree root removal services.

  • It will improve your curb appeal
  • Removing your tree stump will prevent pests
  • You will keep guests on your property from tripping and falling
  • Tree stump removal prevents the spread of disease
  • Prevents the destruction to your property

With so many benefits of getting tree stump removal, why wait? Call today to learn more about this and our many other tree services.

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Get Tree Root Removal Now To Protect Your House

You may have inherited a tree stump on your property as a homeowner when you moved into your place. Or you may have decided to eliminate the tree stump of your recently removed tree later. Unfortunately, having a tree stump and its roots on your property may cause more problems than you think. Even though your tree may appear dormant because it has been removed, it may still continue to grow.

As tree roots continue to grow from your stump, you may experience problems that can put your home at risk. For one, various pests may start nesting on your property, such as mice, termites, carpenter ants, and other destructive critters. As a result, you could develop an infestation within your tree stump that can eventually infest your home.

Besides destructive pests ruining your home, tree roots can also continue to grow and start to cause problems with your foundation, the pipes under your house, and your sidewalks and driveways. It may even encroach upon your neighbor's property, causing damages.

Now's the time to conquer the out-of-control tree roots in your yard by calling on the professionals at Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service. Call to schedule a free consultation and get an estimate on this essential service in Fort Wayne.


Need A Tree To Fill That Gap in Your Yard? We Can Help!

While tree root removal in Fort Wayne can undoubtedly open up space in your yard, it can also make it look a bit barren. If you're used to having a beautiful, large oak on your lawn, you may want to get a new one, minus the problems that the previous one had. In this case, we can help you with our tree planting services.

Did you know that adding trees to your property can improve the value of your home by upwards of 19 percent? If you plan to sell your home, adding a tree can get you more bang for your buck. Since we believe trees help preserve the environment, it wouldn't hurt to replace the one you're removing.

Don't let your yard continue to look empty without a tree! Call today to request our tree planting services or one of our many other 5-star tree care services.



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- Billy J.

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Although tree root removal is critical, our full-service tree care company can help you with any of your tree service needs. Our experts can evaluate your tree's strength and recommend tree care such as pruning and disease treatment. We can also recommend removal of trees that are structurally compromised? Are you a business that has upcoming development projects? We can assist with lot and land clearing services to help keep your projects running smoothly. Call today to learn more.

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