Tree Stump Removal in Fort Wayne is Essential

Skilled Tree Stump Removal in Fort Wayne

As with any dead vegetation on your property, it is essential to remove tree stumps. Tree stumps may not be "dead," however. As a result, they could grow back or be the source of disease spreading through and damaging your lawn. For over 20 years, our experts have performed stump removal in Fort Wayne to keep your lawn looking its best, minimizing problems in your yard. We incorporate techniques to eliminate unsightly stumps from your yard, including stump grinding. 

Do you want to learn more about the importance of stump and root removal in Fort Wayne, IN, for your home or business? Call today to schedule your inspection and get a free quote. 

tree stump removal Fort Wayne
tree stump removal in Fort Wayne

The Importance of Removing Stumps

When you or the previous homeowner had a tree removal service, they may not have removed the stump from the property. Some homeowners wait to perform such services because tree stump removal in Fort Wayne incurs an additional cost. If you have a tree stump on your property, we encourage you to get a removal as soon as possible. Here are some reasons why getting rid of tree stumps in Fort Wayne is so critical. 

  • Tree stump removal can improve space on your property
  • It can prevent costly injuries or accidents
  • Tree stump removal can prevent a tree from growing back randomly
  • It deters pests from lurking in your yard
  • Tree stump removal can improve your property value

Are you ready to rid yourself of that pesky tree stump on your property? Call today to schedule an inspection and get a free estimate on the best removal option for your tree stump. 

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Get Tree Stump Removal in Fort Wayne To Avoid Serious Problems

You may be wondering what serious problems a little old tree stump could cause. While a tree stump may seem safe, it could be the source of many issues on your property. 

One problem could be the issue of it creating a trip hazard. A protruding tree stump that's hardly noticeable when guests visit your property could cause them to fall and injure themselves. If someone falls on your property, you could be liable for their injuries. 

Another reason you should consider getting a tree stump removed is that it can harbor some of the most destructive and disease-carrying pests. For example, termites, borers, and carpenter ants may set up nests in a stump. Once they no longer find resources with the stump, they may discover a pathway to your home and destroy its wood parts. It could cost several hundred dollars to get rid of the infestation and several thousand dollars to fix the destruction they caused. 

In addition to these destructive pests, your stumps could attract spiders, mice, and snakes to your yard. In some cases, your local pest removal companies may not be able to remove some of these pests, and you'll have to rely on the expertise of wildlife removal teams which could be pretty pricey. Not to mention, having such venomous and disease-carrying pests on your property can harm your pets, small children, guests, or you. 

Don't continue to underestimate tree stumps on your property. They can cause many long-term, costly issues. Call today to learn more about this service and get a FREE quote. 

wood chipper tree removal Fort Wayne

Why You Should Make Us Your Tree Care and Removal Specialists

There is substantial competition in the local area in terms of tree service. This is why we work hard to distinguish ourselves from the competition, creating a wholesome experience for our customers from the first phone call and through recurring services. Here are a few ways we differentiate ourselves from the rest.

  • Timely execution of services
  • Excellent clean-up after each project
  • Friendly, helpful service 
  • Top ratings from our customers
  • Affordable pricing
  • Knowledgeable staff

We want to earn your business. Therefore, we aim to provide you with the same superior service we provide our existing customers. Call Fort Wayne Tree Trimming & Removal Service today to learn more about our world-class services and get a free quote on stump removal in Fort Wayne or any additional tree services. 



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"Fort Wayne Tree Trimming & Removal did a wonderful job removing a large tree close to our home. They looked very experienced, cutting each segment at a time carefully preventing the chance of it falling on the house. Thankful for an excellent tree service company in the Fort Wayne area!"
- Billy J.

Our Other Remarkable Tree Care and Removal Services

While stump removal in Fort Wayne is a critical service, we want to make you aware that we provide other great tree removal services. If you are having trouble with overhanging limbs in your yard or encroaching on your neighbor's yard, we can remove them. Additionally, if you have shrubs or trees whose growth has been stunted due to pests and disease, we can treat your vegetation and restore it to health. For businesses or farmers that need lots cleared for development or crop growth, we are also able to provide such commercial services. Call today to learn how our tree company can serve your needs. 

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Whether you require tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding, your local Fort Wayne arborists have you covered. Get started with your FREE quote today or Call us at (260) 254-2288
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