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Which Tree Services Do You Need?

Many homeowners underestimate the value of tree service in Fort Wayne, IN until disaster strikes from fallen trees. However, in some cases, we can help prevent fallen trees with proper tree care procedures such as pruning and trimming. Although many believe that pruning and trimming only make their trees look more aesthetically pleasing, this is only part of the goal.

In addition to making your landscape look beautiful, these techniques also keep your tree from toppling over onto your property or home. Therefore, it is a good idea to establish a relationship with your local arborists to get tree care services for the trees on your property.

Why not establish a relationship with one of the most trusted tree care companies in the greater Fort Wayne area? Contact Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service today to schedule your inspection and get a FREE quote on tree service in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas.

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Our Service Areas Near Fort Wayne

Tree Service That Makes a Difference in New Haven

Trimming and pruning can make your landscaping and curb appeal look fantastic? But did you know that trimming and pruning aren't only for aesthetic purposes? Getting this form of tree care helps keep branches and limbs from falling all over your yard, potentially causing damage to your property. It also keeps your tree balanced, preventing overgrowth in one area of the tree, making the tree more susceptible to falling during a storm.

Whether you need tree trimming and pruning to make your landscape beautiful or to protect your property from tree damage, contact us today for your FREE quote on our tree services in New Haven.

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Protect Weak Trees With Cabling and Bracing in Zanesville, IN

If your tree is structurally compromised, removal isn't the only option for tree service in Zanesville. We offer tree cabling and bracing services to help stabilize your tree and prevent it from collapsing during a storm or heavy winds.

For example, when your tree isn't correctly pruned when it is young, it can develop V-shaped crotches, making the tree vulnerable to splitting during a storm. Getting tree cables will help stabilize the tree making it less susceptible to falling during a storm. Also, if the tree is weak at the base, we can install braces for stability.

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Get Emergency Tree Removal in Huntington

Hearing a loud thud is one of the last sounds you want to hear in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, this terrifying sound may indicate that the tree on your property has collapsed onto your house. It is critical to make sure that everyone in your household is okay.

After that, call on our tree service team in Huntington, IN. We provide 24/7 emergency tree removal services to help you get back to normal.

Call us right away (260) 254-2288 to get the help you need with your fallen tree. Also, don't forget to check out our tree service blog

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Fight Your Tree Pest Problem with Tree Services in Auburn

Emerald ash borers are a big problem in the local area. They are native to China but made their way to North America, wreaking havoc on trees in the Auburn and neighboring regions. Because these trees aren't native to North America, their population growth is rapid because natural predators like parasitoid wasps can't control them.

As a result, if you have such an infestation with your trees, you must contact us as soon as possible to get this tree pest problem under control. Call us for tree services in Auburn!

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Improve Your Curb Appeal With Shrub Trimming In Decatur

Are you tired of your shrubs making your house look like a haunted Halloween house all year long? We can help. Dead, brown shrubs don't mean that your shrubs are dead. Instead, we can inspect your shrubs and determine whether it is under attack by fungus or pests. If so, we can provide tree disease treatments that can nurse your shrubs back to health. In addition, restoring your shrubs to their natural color will stop scaring off guests, visitors, or potential home buyers. It's time for tree service in Decatur!

If you are ready for us to breathe life back into those dying shrubs, call us today at (260) 254-2288 to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on our services.

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Whether you require tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding, your local Fort Wayne arborists have you covered. Get started with your FREE quote today or Call us at (260) 254-2288
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