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Tree Care in Fort Wayne

Because Preserving Trees Is Important For The Environment

If you need residential or commercial tree care in Fort Wayne, you've come to the right place! Our highly skilled arborists provide emergency 24/7 tree removal services throughout Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. Even though this is one of our more popular services, this isn't our only service.

Fort Wayne Tree Trimming and Removal Service believe in preserving trees first. We know how integral trees are to the environment, so if we can save them, this is our first order of business. We provide various tree care services to preserve trees around Fort Wayne, including trimming, pruning, shaping, cabling and bracing, and tree disease treatment. However, if trees can't be saved using these means, then we will remove them from your property to keep you safe and protect your property.

Do you need tree care in Fort Wayne? Our skilled arborists are ready to schedule your inspection and provide a free quote on our tree care services.

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Our Extraordinary Tree Care in Fort Wayne

Get Rid of Dead Tree Limbs With Tree Trimming in Fort Wayne

Tree trimming is not only necessary for aesthetic reasons. It is essential to protect the tree's integrity and protect you and your property from harm. Over time, untrimmed trees may have limbs and branches that are dying on them. As a result, if a tree company doesn't remove them, these limbs and branches may start to fall on your property or cause injury.

Therefore, we provide tree trimming services in Fort Wayne to keep dead tree limbs and branches from toppling onto your property and causing damage or injury. Call us today for your free estimate on tree trimming in Fort Wayne.

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The Importance of Tree Pruning in Fort Wayne

Tree pruning usually goes hand-in-hand with tree trimming. However, instead of removing dead or decaying limbs and branches, we proactively remove branches and limbs that may cause problems. Our skilled arborists can assess a tree and see which limbs and branches are structurally necessary and which are not. In addition, we eliminate those that are not essential because they risk compromising the tree's integrity over time.

Keeping them can cause improper weight distribution and even lead to tree decay in certain areas from overgrowth. Therefore, proper tree pruning allows healthy branches to have the freedom to grow and eliminates problem limbs and branches.

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Make Your Yard Into A Work Of Art With Tree Shaping

Tree shaping is primarily a way to make your landscaping more aesthetically pleasing. With tree shaping, we bend and mold your trees into shapes to appear well-kempt. In addition, we can interweave tree branches and limbs, or we can shape them into a design. Not all trees can get tree shaping, however. We would have to examine the tree to see if it is pliable enough and young enough for us to shape the branches.
Aside from tree shaping providing beautiful designs, it is also a way to control how a tree grows. For example, if you worry that a young tree eventually will interfere with solar panels or other attachments on your roof, you should consider tree shaping. This will encourage trees to grow in a direction that will never interfere with reception.
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Change Your Landscape With Planting & Transplanting

There comes a time when a beautiful tree planted long ago may become a threat to the foundation, pipes, or other structures surrounding it. If the tree remains in the same area, it may cause damage to you or your neighbor's property, and we'll have to remove it. However, if the tree is healthy, we'd prefer to transplant it instead of removing it. With transplanting services, we discover another better place to put the tree to thrive and grow without causing problems.

Also, if you have a plot of land that doesn't have any trees but you want some to make your landscape look complete, we can plant new trees on your property.

Do you need us to transplant a tree or grow new ones on your property? Then, contact us today for a FREE estimate on transplanting or tree planting in Fort Wayne.

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Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal with Shrub Trimming

Whether you are selling your home or not, curb appeal is essential. For home buyers or guests of your property, curb appeal is the first impression of your home. Therefore, you want to provide them with an excellent first impression. Unfortunately, decaying or unkempt shrubs won't give guests a good impression. This is why we provide shrub trimming in Fort Wayne.

Shrub trimming makes your lawn look manicured if they are healthy. However, if shrubs aren't healthy, we can attempt to restore them to a healthy color so that your yard won't look like a haunted house all year long.

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Saving Trees With Cabling & Bracing Tree Care in Fort Wayne

Winter weather can wreak havoc on trees, particularly if someone isn't trimming and pruning trees correctly. For instance, the weight of snow can cause large branches to snap off and land in your yard or your neighbor's yard, causing substantial damage in most cases. Upon inspecting your tree, if we notice that there is weakness in the integrity of your tree, we may suggest cabling and bracing in Fort Wayne.

We apply cables to the tree's upper canopy while applying bracing to the lower parts of the tree. This helps protect the tree from breaking or toppling during intense storms, which is helpful if the tree is still relatively healthy. The weak parts become more robust with this process.

If you worry about the structure of your tree, let us take a look at it to determine what we can do to keep it healthy and thriving. Call us today to get your FREE quote.

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The Importance of Tree Disease Treatment and Pest Control

For most of us, trees are a majestic source of shade and fresh air. But for certain insects, trees are food. Termites and borers may be chewing away on your tree, causing all types of damage. In addition, certain types of fungus can also destroy your tree. Luckily, we can use tree treatments and injections to remove these pesky problems and restore your tree to a healthy state. Getting these critters in your tree under control can also prevent them from destroying your house.

Do you suspect that pests or fungus may be destroying your tree? Contact us today for a FREE quote on tree disease treatment in Fort Wayne.

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Our Tree Care and Removal Service Areas

If you are looking for tree care or removal services for your Fort Wayne home or business, we can help! Our arborists have been serving the communities of Fort Wayne, New Haven, Zanesville, Huntington, Auburn, and Decatur for over 20 years. We provide a variety of services including tree trimming and pruning, shrub care, and tree disease treatment. Our team can also help with our 24/7 emergency tree removal and land clearing for commercial customers. Call today for a FREE quote.

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Whether you require tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding, your local Fort Wayne arborists have you covered. Get started with your FREE quote today or Call us at (260) 254-2288
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